Research Reimagined.

Today’s Savvy Consumers and employees are more advanced than the traditional means used to understand them. Metis bridges this gap.

Here are some of the ways:

Metis unlocks the secrets of people’s experiences and feelings by diving deep into their words. A typical study is based on at least as many words as in a Harry Potter novel. Our system taps their top-of-mind memories, digging out powerful insights that tell us what really matters most to them — the things they tell their friends and family, and the things that shape their future decisions.

Discovering Unspoken Needs and Market Gaps.

These concealed insights are invaluable in setting yourself apart. Our method for finding these rare gems provides the confidence to unleash sleeping ingenuity and profits.

You see, what people do NOT say is often more revealing than what they do say.

Our clients put these special findings to work in ways that deliver ROI many times over.

A Different Deliverable.

Instead of long reports, mind-numbing charts and tables, or dull PowerPoint presentations, we bring data to life in video. This enables clients to ‘walk in the shoes’ of customers and employees. These films are filled with not only statistics but images, respondent quotes, and music. Research insights actually become engaging and enjoyable. They can be viewed over and over from anywhere.

Of course, we can also provide an analog, printable version.

Uncommon Survey Questions.

Ask an expected question, get an expected answer.

Rather than ask leading questions, Metis’ open-ended questions inspire people to share thoughts and emotions. They can see that you respect their opinions. Developed in collaboration with you and your goals, Metis questions reveal what the people most important to your business really think. All of this produces rich results, and reveals practical (yet often surprising) wants, needs, and ideas.

Or, No Questions At All.

Metis also uses online reviews, where people voluntarily discuss experiences – no questions asked – to find competitive operational, marketing, and HR insights. This is very different from the usual way reviews are used for CRM.

Comp Sets Reconsidered.

Traditional benchmarking is usually unrewarding for those wishing to break with the status quo. We’ve also rethought the ‘competitor’ concept because consumer perceptions are no longer traditionally formed. Their experiences may be consciously or subconsciously judged against favorite services or products far outside your market segment. Metis uses ‘Research Sets.’

We encourage you to research admired businesses in different regions, continents, or even industries to spark your thinking. For example, one client, a Napa Valley winery, included a 100-year-old retail fashion company in their research set. They specifically asked to discover, “How can niche products command irrationally high prices?”