Meet the founders.

Dr. Werner Koepf

Technology Leader.

Werner designed the artificial intelligence that is Metis. Our technology is entirely proprietary, built exclusively for our client’s research.

As a leader in America’s technology and computer science fields, Dr. Koepf supervised the creation of platforms for some of the world’s leading tech brands.

His contributions include system and software architecture, object-oriented design, information architecture, data modeling, information visualization, human-computer interaction, analytics, data mining, numerical modeling, algorithm development, artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, and scientific programming.

He holds 9 patents related to machine learning and artificial intelligence, eCommerce, and social media.

Dr. Koepf received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from the University of Munich. His experience includes leading the technology efforts at many of Silicon Valley’s best-known companies, including Conversica, a leader in the “AI Assistant” sector which includes chatbots. Other companies where Dr. Koepf was a leader include Ticketmaster, Expedia, and Amazon, as well as startups such as Wetpaint and MAYA Viz, an information visualization startup acquired by General Dynamics, where he was CTO.

Kyle Richey

Founder and Chief Product Officer.

Kyle envisioned a novel customer and employee research methodology that would shift both the way research is designed and analyzed. It relies on genuinely listening to people’s free-flowing thoughts and feelings, but with a scope massively exceeding traditional focus groups. Great scale is needed to provide clients with insights supported by undeniable, unbiased proof and confidence to make important decisions.

The need for this resulted from learnings gained from years of being a Managing Director of Richey International, a globally renowned customer experience design and small data research firm, primarily focused on ultra-luxury markets.

Kyle’s role centers on ensuring that each Metis study provides thorough, thought-provoking, and impeccably accurate findings and insights that are presented in a way that brings traditionally dry data to life, engaging and motivating our clients.

David Richey

Founder and CEO.

David’s thirty years of experience as a guide and confidant in many top boardrooms across the globe helps ensure that Metis insights are consequential and capable of inspiring important business results.

Previously, David was the Founder of Richey International, which operated in over 80 countries, specializing in luxury hospitality, professional sports, luxury retail, global gaming, theater, and private transportation. Richey International was the leader in Customer Experience Design twenty years before the term came into common use.

David’s background is built on education in Organizational Behavior and he has taught courses, lectured, or spoken at École hôtelière de Lausanne, Cornell University Research Summit, and LUISS Business School Masters Program, Rome.